We Have Stopped Window Cleaning – Sorry.

We are no longer offering window cleaning services. For Gutter Clearing and Fascia cleaning etc, please visit:
Warrenpoint Gutter Cleaning

Other window cleaners I know that work in the Warrenpoint / Newry etc. areas:

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning (the same as me) – Spotless Window Cleaning – Brendan –

Traditional Window Cleaning (soap and squeegee) – Gary –


Warrenpoint Window Cleaner Using A Squeegee

Warrenpoint Window Cleaner – ‘Complete Window’ cleaning in Warrenpoint Northern Ireland and the surrounding areas such as Newry Town, Rostrevor & Burren, Mayobridge etc.

If you would like me to give you a ‘no obligation’ price for cleaning your windows, just ask online or phone – it’s no problem.


Warrenpoint Window Cleaning, cleans residential windows (normal houses) as well as shops and larger low rise commercial premesis. I use both traditional methods of window cleaning i.e. cleaning solutions, squeegee, polishing cloth etc. as well as the more modern “Pure Water” method of cleaning windows. I will use either depending on what is the most suitable method in each situation.

I clean windows all year round, so you will have a reliable service 12 months a year. Not just during the summer months like some other window cleaners do. There are a lot of ‘fair weather’ window cleaners, who come out in the better weather and only stick around until the weather turns cooler. I clean all year round, even in the sub zero temperatures of deep winter. The purified hot water that I use keeps cleaning effectively summer and winter, and as for me… I just dress suitably for the different seasons.


What Is ‘Complete Window’ Cleaning – And How Is It Different To Other Window Cleaners?

What is ‘Complete Window’ cleaning, and what makes me different from all the other window cleaners? Well, when cleaning windows, you expect a window cleaner to clean the glass in the window. Yes, of course I do this but unlike many others, I clean the ‘complete window’ – cleaning the exterior window frame as well as the actual window glass. When a glass window is dirty on the outside, it is normally from the dirty air and rain etc, the frame around the glass gets the same dirt landing on it too! So, I clean the frame as well as the glass on exterior windows – that is ‘complete window’ cleaning.

The situation is similar with your door. Most exterior doors have some glass in them. A normal window cleaner can can clean that glass panel. Like we have just mentioned above, the whole door and frame get dirty from the air, traffic and rain, not just the glass panel in the door, so I clean it all – the glass panel, the door and the door frame. It all gets dirty at the same rate, so why wouldn’t you want the entire door cleaned?

Also, when cleaning the glass, often there can be marks on the glass. Some are paint marks, some from silicone sealant, some just ingrained dirt. If I see marks like theses, I will try and remove them whilst cleaning your windows. Again, this is not actually normal for the average window cleaner – it is me ‘going the extra mile’ and doing the clean right. It does take time, and in some cases, specialist glass cleaning products. [Please note: I do this for a ‘normal’ level of marks, not for a ‘builder’s clean’ or cleaning up after a messy painter etc.].

Find out more about my ‘Complete Window’ Cleaning service here.


The First Time I Clean Your Windows

I am probably going to spend much more time the first time I clean your windows than you would expect me to. I like to get the job done right, keep you happy, and make it easy for me to keep up a high level of cleanliness on my regular return visits. After the first time, I don’t need to spend so much time on future cleans (assuming I clean your windows regularly) You can see more details of what I do on a first window clean here.


How Frequent Do You Clean Windows?

I recommend that the average house windows are cleaned by me once every 8 weeks. I know this is not the ‘normal’ period that most window cleaners work. Most window cleaners suggest every 4 weeks / 1 month. The Pure water system that I use, keeps glass clean for longer than the ‘traditional’ cleaning method. So, for a householder, every 6 weeks is a better balance between getting good value and not having to pay for your windows being cleaned too often, balanced against making sure they don’t get dirty looking – after all you want a window cleaner to keep them looking clean don’t you. Every 8 weeks is about the point where most home owners would start to notice a need for the windows to be cleaned in this part of the country. Much longer than that and your windows can start to look dirty, more frequent window washing for the normal house, can feel like a bit too often to some people, and we all want to get value for money. This frequency suits most people, but if you want a different cleaning time scale – just ask and I can see if I can accommodate your schedule. I just feel that every 8 weeks saves you paying me too often, yet still getting your windows kept nice and clean. There are some exceptions – some houses I clean are in areas that do require more frequent cleaning due to being too close to the sea, or to a main road with heavy traffic, both of these will cause the windows to get dirty quicker. Some people just prefer a more frequent clean, I will try to suit your wants and needs as best I can.

Of course shop windows are sometimes cleaned more often than this as they get many more hand prints, dog noses, dirty blow up from the street, road dirt from traffic etc. Some shops even prefer to change their schedule depending on the time of year – getting cleaned more often in the winter months when the windows get dirtier.

Due to the nature of this job and it’s dependence on reasonable weather, I cannot guarantee that your window cleaning schedule will be exact to the day. Bad weather will stop cleaning so, the day of the week will vary. But, it will be as close as possible. I will keep to our agreed schedule of work, and if conditions throw off this schedule, I will try to work to bring it back to a regular schedule as best I can. So some times I may be a couple of days early, some times a few days later. Sorry, but heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice, holidays and life in general disrupt keeping to an exact, day perfect schedule.


Warrenpoint Window Cleaner

This a small local company, I live local, and am dedicated to doing a great job cleaning your windows. I try to give you the best value for money by cleaning your windows well and not coming more often that is necessary. So you get nice clean windows (glass and frames) and don’t have to pay me as often as other cleaners. The Hot, Pure De-Ionised Water system that I use should keep your windows clean for a long time (under normal circumstances).  I live, work and shop here myself – so am not about to give a poor service.

Of course, I don’t just work in Warrenpoint, but also the immediate surrounding areas such as Newry Town, Rostrevor, Burrren, Mayobridge etc.


Windows Cleaned Outside… and Inside

Most customers just want the outside of their windows cleaned by me, but others want both inside and outside. This is no problem, and I will happily clean both sides of the windows.

The only issue of course for people who want the insides of their windows cleaned, is if you are in during the working day so that I can gain access to the inside of your windows. This is the biggest reason why most people only want the outsides cleaned. I don’t need paid on the spot (here are details of the payment options), so you don’t need to be home when I clean the outside of your windows.

If you want me to clean the insides, either regularly, or just on the odd occasion, then just ask, it’s no problem.


Window Cleaning Quality GuaranteeWindow Cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not happy with the window cleaning job I have done, call me within 24 hours of me washing your windows, and I will come round and wash your windows again for free. I want you to be pleased with the results of my window cleaning, and if something is wrong, I will put it right as I stand over my work.


More Information

I have created a number of pages on this website, so you can get a good idea of all the information that you may want or need before contacting me to give you a no obligation quotation for cleaning your windows. Have a look at the other pages on this site to get more information on window cleaning in Newry, Warrenpoint, Rostrevor, Burren etc. Or just click on the link below, fill in your details, and I will get back to you to arrange a time to call out and give you a window cleaning price for your house or shop.

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Warrenpoint Window Cleaner – Your Local Window Cleaner for Warrenpoint, Newry Town, Rostrevor, Burren, Mayobridge and surrounding areas.