Bird's nest under eaves of house
Bird nest under eaves of house
Bird Nest Built Under The Eaves of a House

A bird’s nest in the eaves of a house is a very common sight, and many home owners want to remove them, as the birds cause a mess. The bird poo goes down walls & windows and builds up in piles on window sills and on the ground. It generally looks bad, especially at a time of the year when people are getting the outsides of their houses cleaned.

I get asked to clean the fascia on houses with nests. The owners want the nest removed and the area round the nest cleaned. Or people want the nests removed and the external house walls pressure washed. The most common time to be asked to do this is during the Spring & Summer, when we want to get out houses looking nice and clean – but it is at a time when the nests cannot be removed!

It is actually illegal to remove or damage wild birds nests whilst they are being used. A a guideline, generally the nests are being built and used between March and August. You may have heard that you shouldn’t trim hedges until September or October, this is for the same reason – birds nest in hedges and you cannot damage a nest being used by birds. If birds are currently building or using a nest, then they have to be left alone.

In mainland UK, this protection is offered to birds under “The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981”. In Northern Ireland, the protective legislation is “The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985”

Once the birds have left the nest after the breeding season, then it is OK to remove it, but not beforehand. Though, you may find, that the same birds will return to their nest the following year. If it has been removed, then they will build a new one in the same place. If you really don’t want a nest there, then search online at the different methods that people have used to “stop birds nesting in eaves”.

Birds Nesting In The Eaves Of Your House Cannot Be Removed While Birds Are Nesting