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Testimonial - Pul you did a wonderful job. We have been here 35 years and the windows have never been so clean. Mrs P Murphy, Warrenpoint


7 thoughts on “Comment On Work Done

  1. Thanks Paul, you did excellent job. The windows and fascia still look great. I don’t know what that system is that you use, but it certainly keeps the windows looking clean for a long time, much longer than our previous window cleaner. Good Job

  2. Hello, I just wanted to say that Paul is the best window cleaner that I have ever had – and no he didn’t pay me to say that LOL. My friend recommended him to me and I am glad she did. I am very pleased with his work. I just wish that I could get the inside as clean as you do the outside of my windows 🙂 Thank You.

    • Sam, that depends on the work you are referring to. The actual window cleaning is done, not with chemicals added to the water, but with contaminates taken away from it. i.e. the water is filtered and deionised, to leave a very pure water without additional contaminates such as natuarlly absorbed calcium and magnesium. This pure water is an excellent cleaning agent in its own right, and is what we use to clean windows. You can read some more about how and why in this article about TDS and window Cleaning.


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