I provide Commercial Window Cleaning for company buildings. This maybe just exterior glass if your own staff or contract cleaning staff already clean the interior windows, or I can clean both inside and outside windows and other glass.

Currently, I can clean up to 30ft high (to the top of the window), though I am happy to look at work at a greater height than this up to seven stories high, it may be just a case of buying a new piece of equipment to go higher.

Of course, health and safety regulations are adhered to, and if needed, you can get a copy of the risk assessment report, which will be written for your premises. Also if required , you can have copies of the method statements used as well as proof of public liability insurance.

I have cleaned a range of different commercial properties, from a normal level of dirt to cleaning windows with a build up of many, many years of dirt, minerals, boiler house smoke etc. Like residential window cleaning, I can clean windows on a one-off basis or most frequently, I clean on a regular schedule. The actual return period can be discussed, as different types of companies have different cleaning requirements. Also like residential cleaning, I will help you find a suitable balance between keeping the windows clean and cost, unless of course, you already know exactly what you want.


Commercial Window Cleaning Examples

Here are just a few examples of some of the commercial work I have done.


First Impressions Are Important

Commercial Window Cleaning at Factory Entrance

This is the visitors entrance to a factory, where prospective new clients arrive. Before I cleaned it, it was dusty and covered in spiders web. It did not have that sharp reflective sheen it has now. A new client would come into the factory via this entrance, and of course, first impressions are important. Would you like your prospective new clients to come in through a dirty, neglected entrance way or a professional looking, well kept entrance?Commercial window cleaning is not just for big retail stores, or the office block to let in more light, but also to keep your building looking good.


Commercial Window Cleaning – Offices

Commercial Window Cleaning For Office Blocks

Office windows should be kept clean. Staff look at / out windows more frequently than management may want to think, and from what staff tell me, they hate looking at dreary, dirty windows. It’s amazing how may staff have said to me that they are pleased to see the windows being cleaned. Not only does it cheer up the staff, but if you hold meetings in your offices with suppliers and clients, then it is better to look clean and professional.For some types of business, cleanliness is more important than others. But even in ‘dirty’ businesses and factories etc, the staff and clients still prefer to see through the glass, and not be looking at grime.


Old Converted Commercial Buildings

Commercial Window Cleaning - Old Buildings

A lot of old commercial buildings have been converted into factories and business units. The windows on these old buildings can be cleaned too. This building has the old single glazed, steel window frames.


Before & After Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning - Before
Modern Commercial Glass – Before Window Cleaning


Commercial Window Cleaning - After Cleaning
The same windows, now cleaned – makes a big difference to the look of the building and thus, the company.


Commercial window cleaning is not just about having clean windows. For most companies, the image that dirty dusty windows give to prospective customers is very undesirable. No matter how much you spend on other forms of marketing, that first impression that a customer has of your company can be the difference between that person walking away and not even going through your door, and coming in with a good, positive impression.

The system that I use for commercial window cleaning, keeps the windows clean for longer than traditional window cleaning, giving  you better value for money. Also, the frames of the exterior windows are cleaned as well as the glass. Have a look at the before and after photos above, the frames are dusty and covered in spiders webs before cleaning, but look very nice, setting off the modern look of the glass once they have been cleaned. If you only get the glass cleaned, and not the frames as well, then you only have half the job of window cleaning done.

If you are interested in getting the windows of your commercial building cleaned, then please contact me, and I will have a look at your company, discuss your needs, and give you a free, no-obligation quotation.


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Commercial Window Cleaning Examples