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When I am asked to come out for the first time to clean a new customer’s windows from a phone call, or contacted via my web site quote page I like to do a very thorough job the first time I clean your windows, and normally spend 2-3 times longer this first time.

On this first visit, I put a lot of time and effort into getting the windows (the window glass and the frames) properly cleaned. Usually, on my first clean, I will spend much more time cleaning the windows than I will on future, ongoing regular cleans. I like to make sure that the windows are cleaned ‘right’ the first time I am there. I am much more concerned with doing the job well, than I am about how long it takes. Occasionally, I don’t need to go through all these steps, though I normally do them all in every new house or business windows I clean.

In fact if the customer is at the house and sees the work that goes into a first clean, it is very common that they often wonder how on earth I can make afford to spend so much time on their windows for such a low price. Seriously, if I was cleaning the windows at your normal terrace house for an hour and a half, and you knew that you were paying me so much for a standard window clean, you would wonder how I can afford to do it too. I have seen me at time spend a full day at large houses the first time, just to get it right!

The bottom line is that I do the job right the first time, then you are happy, and I know that I have done it right, and can maintain that level of cleanliness in a lot less time on future visits. I take pride in my work, and if I skimp on a job – rush it or don’t do as thorough a clean as I now I should have, I usually feel bad about it later and regret it. I have known me at the end of the day, to be going through all I have done that day and when I think of a job I rushed for some reason, I feel bad, and have sometimes come back and re-cleaned it, even though the customer was happy with it. If I am not happy I did a good job, I don’t feel good 🙁


What Is Involved In A “First Time Clean”?

Below are the main steps of what I do frequently with a new customer’s windows on a ‘first time clean’. This gets them into get them into shape, so it is a matter of me simply maintaining that level of cleanliness on my future, regular visits. Note these photos are taken from a couple of different jobs, thus the windows don’t all look the same). Of course, if your windows are in good condition to start with I may not need to cover all these steps. Though I do all these or something similar, more often on a new customer’s property – house or commercial, than I don’t do them.


Scrub The Glass

Using a specialist glass scrubber, I give the glass a good clean with detergent. I will either use a particulary effective water fed pole brush that is great for first time cleans, or the strip waher you see below. The strip washer is not the normal window cleaner’s window washer, but one designed to give a thorough cleaning to dirty windows. It contains extra glass safe filaments that give more cleaning power to it. This specialist washing pad is not available in supermarkets, but made for professional window cleaners, by one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of professional window cleaning tools.

The detergent I use is excellent at removing all types of dirt, grime, sea salt and bird dirt etc. It is manufactured from plants, is safe to the environment and safe to your garden and any other plants you may have near the windows.

Scrub The Glass Clean

Clean the Frame

I use the same detergent on the framework surrounding the window glass, getting rid of all the old dirt and grime build up, plus the spiders webs that attach themselves to the frame.

Sometimes, I use a non-scratch scrubber (glass and PVC safe), sometimes a sponge, sometime the special water fed pole brush already mentioned, and sometimes a mixture of differnt methods – it all depends on what is needed to do the job right in each case. As is mentioned in other places in this website, I am a ‘Complete Window’ cleaner. I clean the complete window as you can see, not just the window glass.

Notice the gloves in this picture? This was taken during the winter and the temperature was below zero, so to keep my hands from freezing whilst in water, I use wet suit gloves! I do use hot water to clean the windows and frames all the time, not just the first clean. Though, I still need to protect my hands in the cold winter months from the wind chill. I work ALL year round – not just the nice warm, spring and summer months like some other window cleaners.


Clean The Window Frames



Brush Away The Cob Webs

It is common to get a build up of spiders webs around window frames, so these get brushed away. Some of the cob webs will get cleaned away in the previous stages, but sometimes they just turn into a  can be a sticky ball of web that needs to be ‘brushed’ away.

Build up of cob web Brush Away The Spider's Webs

Sticky Ball piders Web On The Window Frame



Scrape The Glass

Using a special scraper tool with razor-sharp blades, I scrape the glass to ensure even the ingrained dirt, and weather-beaten particles, are removed now that they have been softened by the detergent and water. Of course sun-baked bird muck and such things will also go now if they haven’t with all that scrubbing and washing. Often, the glass can have some small paint splashes from painting the window sill or surround, theses will get scraped off a this stage too.

(Note: I will clean off normal dirt and occasional paint etc, but I do not do “builders cleans” i.e coming in after a messy builder or painter and trying to restore your windows after they made a mess of them with a lot of paint, cement, plaster etc.)



Scrape The Window Glass Clean


Clean Away The Soap

Using a professional window cleaner’s brush and purified water, the soap and dirt are washed away revealing the clean glass and framework below.

After  this is all washed away, the frame and glass are given a final rinse with more purified water to ensure a spotless finish. The water is treated to remove all impurities and contaminates, and is more pure than tap water, or even bottled water!  If you are interested, you can read more details about the purified water I use

Clean The Windows With Purified Water


You can start to see, that there is a difference between the ‘Complete Window’ cleaning service I offer and a ‘normal’ window cleaner. I always clean the complete window, and go that extra mile when cleaning your windows.

After the first time clean, I return to my regular customers every 8 weeks, and maintain that high level of cleanliness on your window frames and window glass with hot pure water window cleaning each visit. If you haven’t already, you can read how I clean the complete window and door of your house or business every time I clean your windows.

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What Is Involved In Cleaning Your Windows The First Time.