We Have Stopped Window Cleaning – Sorry.

We are no longer offering window cleaning services. For Gutter Clearing and Fascia cleaning etc, please visit:
Warrenpoint Gutter Cleaning

Other window cleaners I know that work in the Warrenpoint / Newry etc areas:

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning (the same as me) – Spotless Window Cleaning – Brendan –

Traditional Window Cleaning (soap and squeegee) – Gary –


If you would like a quote from me, then please fill in this form and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you want to talk about something else, then go here instead – Contact Warrenpoint Window Cleaning.


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Terms of Business

(How I do business with you and we you can expect of each other)


Regular Service

I provide a regular service all year round. Though due to weather and other circumstances, I cannot guarantee to be with you on exact days or exactly 8 weeks (or whatever) to the day since I was last there. I will however, be regular, and will stick as close as possible to our agreed schedule.

All Weathers (Nearly)

I will work as many week days as I can, as I provide a regular reliable service. This means I may be washing your windows in the rain, or even snow. I don’t work in bad weather, but I must work in light rain etc if I am to provide a regular reliable service – we get too much rain here, to not work in it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I pride myself in my work, and expect to do a good job that you will be happy about, I you are not happy that I have done a good job, then let me know within 24 Hours of me cleaning the windows, and I will come back round and wash the window(s) in question again for free.

Payment On Time

I don’t expect you to be in when I wash your windows, or to pay me in advance. I provide a number of payment options including online payment, PayPal, bank transfer and posting me a cheque. I do expect you  to be pay in a reasonable time after I have completed the job.

Cleaning Methods

I use two main cleaning methods, and may use either method or even both on your windows. “Traditional window cleaning” and “water fed pole cleaning”. (Note) Water fed pole cleaning leaves your windows wet after I have finished – this is normal, and they will dry clean and free from marks. For more details on this and the traditional method, please visit my web site.

Health & Safety

I follow good health and safety practices, and will endeavor to keep myself safe on your property. This means I may do things slightly differently to ‘old school’ window cleaners. Many of whom have had bad accidents due to unsafe practices.

Notice of Me Calling

Sometimes people need notice of me coming round to clean your windows. You may need this for instance if you have to unlock your back gate so I can get round to the back of the house, or so you can keep your Guard Dog in the house, rather than roaming free in the garden. If so, let me know this and your mobile number, and I will send you a text the day/night before I am due round.

Dogs (and other pets)

Friendly dogs and other pets are not a problem, and I have no issues with being in the same garden as them. Though, if they like to climb ladders, chew, peck or claw hose pipes or lift equipment in their mouth and run away with them – this may be a problem 🙂 If your dog is aggressive / protective or a guard dog then see the paragraph above.

Some Things That Can Occur

Cleaning a window and frame, can sometime lead to a few problems. I will treat your windows with care, and do my best to avoid problem, but sometimes these are unavoidable as the damage has already been done. So, you need to be aware that these may happen and accept them if they do.
These problems can happen with anyone cleaning the windows, they are not particular to my methods of cleaning, techniques or equipment.

– Flaking Paint

Painted window frames can sometimes shed some paint during the cleaning process – i.e. Paint can flake off the frames.

– Stuck on lead coming off

Lead strips stuck onto the glass (decorative leaded windows) can sometimes begin to become lose off the glass – especially if they were stuck on some time ago. Dirt, salt, the elements all take their toll on the adhesive holding it to the glass. Then I come along with water, cleaning solutions and movement with the cleaning tools over the lead. This can loosen the adhesive’s grip on the glass and the lead can start to peal off.

– Leaking Window Frames or Leaking Lead

Cleaning your windows will not cause a leak in a window frame or true leaded window, but if a leak already exists, it may start to let in water when I clean the glass. The action used in cleaning windows, means water can get into places that it may not with normal rain. Then a leak will become seen when water and or cleaning solutions start to come through the leaking area to the inside of the window frame.

– Leaking Window Vents

Window vents let in air, let out moisture, but can also let in water. They are normally positioned in such a way that rain doesn’t get in. Though, water goes in all directions – including upwards when we clean windows – especially when using the Pure Water method. This means that some water or cleaning solution may come through the vent and trickle down the inside of your window. I will endeavour to reduce the likelihood of this happening, but it is a possibility.


Any problems or questions please talk with me – face to face, phone or email.


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