Hot Water Window Cleaning from Warrenpoint Window Cleaning

Hot Water Window CleaningIt’s January, and we are well into the winter now with temperatures dropping sub zero. So, I have installed a hot water system into my window cleaning van. From now on, all the pure water window cleaning will be ‘hot’ purified water.

I have already been using hot water for cleaning internal windows during this cold weather, even though the specialist cleaning products that I use are design to be used with hot or cold water, I simply find that the hot water gives me that edge, especially with food or body oil based marks. Now I am also using hot water for the outside of the windows.

Hot water window cleaning cleans the glass and window frames more effectively than cold water because it softens and absorbs dirt much faster. The purified water I use is already excellent at absorbing dirt, now I have improved the system even better by making the water hot. In the winter months, windows get dirtier than the summer as the bad weather lifts more dirt and sea salt and deposits it on your windows (any everything else that wind and rain lands on). So, having hot purified water to clean windows and frames in the winter is very advantageous.

The water is purified (removing all disolved impurities – minerals, salts, metals etc), then heated in the van, then piped to my water fed pole through an extension hose. This means that the whole system is still entirely self contained in the window cleaning van, and I have a continuous supply of hot purified water all day long.


 Hot water window cleaning is not standard for most window cleaners

Did you know that the majority of window cleaners using purified water systems do not use hot water? In fact, I don’t know of any that heat the water that operate in the same areas as I do. Most don’t use it due to the expense involved in both the initial set up costs and ongoing heating costs. Even many of the traditional window cleaners don’t use hot water. With so many people being out during the working day, even the traditonal window cleaner has problems getting a new bucket of hot water every couple of houses. So, cold water has become the norm for window cleaning these day.


 The best service that I can offer

Right from the start, I have always wanted to provide the best cleaning service that I can at a competitive price. This new hot, purified water window cleaning system is simply a continuation of this policy of doing the very best I can for my customers.


Smear free clean windows & even cleaner PVC frames

Cleaning windows with cold water in the cold weather doesn’t clean as well as hot water window cleaning. My customers won’t really have noticed this in the past, as I have simply worked harder to get the windows and frames clean. Now, even those ‘hard to see’ marks and smears that contain body oil from fingers, hands and pets etc, will be eliminated with hot purified water.

PVC is notoriously hard to clean and I can already do a pretty good job of getting rid of dirt and algae etc from the window frames when I am cleaning customer’s windows. With the hot purified water, I expect to be able to clean even more dirt and grime from PVC window frames, making the overall imression of clean windows much better.

The winter does give some other problems. Some colder days I have even had to stop working as the cold water I was using to clean the windows, simply froze on contact with the glass!

The water is now heated ‘on the fly’ just as I am using it, and I can control the temperature as needed. So, there will not be any problems with water getting too hot for the glass, or cooling down too much as the working day progresses. I will have a constant supply of hot water straight out of my van all day long.

I hope that this new hot water window cleaning system will be of noticeable benefit to my customers.


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