We Have Stopped Window Cleaning – Sorry.

We are no longer offering window cleaning services. For Gutter Clearing and Fascia cleaning etc, please visit:
Warrenpoint Gutter Cleaning

Other window cleaners I know that work in the Warrenpoint / Newry etc. areas:

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning (the same as me) – Spotless Window Cleaning – Brendan –

Traditional Window Cleaning (soap and squeegee) – Gary –



Household Window Cleaning, Window Frame Cleaning & Window Sill Cleaning – As Standard!

When I start regular window cleaning for a new customer, I do what I call a “First Time Clean” on the first occasion. After that on future visits, I keep the windows, frames and sills clean with regular ‘Pure Water’ cleaning which keeps your windows clean for longer than ‘traditional’ window cleaning.

Saying that, I do use traditional window cleaning methods on the first window clean on a house, but with a difference to most window cleaners – I do a much more thorough and intense cleaning job than most other house window cleaners, then finish with Pure Water Window Cleaning. It’s not that normal window cleaners do a bad job, but I belive that I do a better job 🙂 I spend a lot longer to ensure that your windows and window frames are free from dirt and grime. Then on subsequent visits, I can focus on maintaining that level of cleanliness on the windows of your home –  glass, frames and sills.

The First Time I Clean Your House Windows Outside I will thoroughly clean all the windows, frames and sills spending a lot of time and effort on them. They will all get rubbed down, cleaning away the build up of cob webs, bird droppings, sea salt and the other general dirt and grime that build up on your windows and frames. I will leave them sparkling clean and looking great. You can read a full description of what I do the first time I clean your house windows here.


Complete Window Cleaning

You may notice that I mention cleaning windows, frames, sills, doos etc. I offer a ‘Complete Window’ Cleaning service as standard, and all these things get cleaned, not just the window glass that a ‘normal’ window cleaner would clean. You can read more about my Complete Window Cleaning service here – this is what I will do when going to your house to do the window cleaning.


The Next Visit – Pure Water Cleaning

On Subsequent visits to your home, I just use the pure water cleaning method. Now the windows are clean and just need me to maintain that level of cleanliness. I use Pure De-ionised Water with soft monofilament brushes especially designed for windows to clean the windows of your home, as well as the frames and sills again. These will all get cleaned every visit by me. You can get more in-depth information on the Pure Water House Window Cleaning here. This is what I do on these regular subsequent visits. Or, read on to continue the overview on the house window cleaning service I offer.


Why Pure Water for House Window Cleaning?

“Pure Water” is a new modern method of house window cleaning where I can continuously pump pure, uncontaminated de-ionised water to a cleaning head. I then use that cleaning head to remove the dirt of the windows, and finally rinse away any residue. This is an excellent way of cleaning windows, that gives a long-lasting clean. Your house window clean lasts longer this way than using ‘traditional’ window cleaning methods. This is because de-ionised water does not contain any solids in the water – no particles of minerals, salts, metals etc. that can leave a film on the glass for airborne dirt to stick to. So, no film means that your windows stay clean for longer. And this means, that I don’t need to come back so often to clean your windows, saving you money. In fact, once I start using this Pure Water method for cleaning on your house windows, I normally don’t need to come back for another 8 weeks. Traditional house window cleaners need to return once every 4 weeks.


Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning SolutionEnvironmentally Friendly Window Cleaning

I use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions wherever possible. Whether it be pure de-ionised water, or environmentally friendly cleaning solutions derived from sustainable, natural plants and processes.

I won’t ‘poison’ your garden with any solution that goes onto your lawn. The products are also cruelty free – none of the ingredients are tested on animals. At the same time, there is zero compromise on cleaning ability. Though in some cases I ‘may’ need to use non-natural based products depending on what I need to do.


Window Cleaning Inside & Outside

The majority of the time, I just clean the outside of the windows. Though, I can also clean the inside too if you wish. Normally, there doesn’t need to be anyone at home when I clean your windows, as I offer a number of different payment methods. Though, if you want your inside windows cleaned, then obviously someone does need to be at home. If you want the inside windows cleaned, then I also ask that you clear away any furniture, ornaments etc that would be in the way. Sorry, but I don’t want to be responsible for damages or moving your furniture, ornaments etc.


Window Cleaning Quality Guarantee100% Window Cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I want you to be happy with the result after I have cleaned your windows. If you feel that they are dirty after I have been, then just call me within 24 hours of me cleaning them, and I will call round and clean them again for free. I take pride in my work, and stand over it 100%. I would much rather that you were happy with the job, and that in fact, for me to know that I did a good job that I can be proud of, and be happy for other people to know that I did.


Window Sills Cleand AlsoCleaning The Window Sills

Most window cleaners have nothing to do with your window sills, but I will clean off the window sills when I wash your windows. The lower window sills that I can get to easier, and can be seen easier, will get the most attention. But all the window sills will get cleaned. Depending on the window sill condition to start with, I will either leave it looking good – like this photo of an actual window and sill that I wash, or it will at least be cleaner looking with less grime and mould on it.


Cleaning The Window Frames

Not often done by a window cleaner. Though, I will clean your frames every time I clean the windows of your house. I feel this is a very important part of the service that I offer as your frames get as much dirt on them as the window glass. If you have clean glass but dirty window frames, it never does look as good as everything being lovely and clean. You can see more information on my ‘complete window clean’ here.


Difficult To Reach Window Cleaning

I can clean the vast majority of household windows, including difficult to reach windows that other window cleaners can’t get to. Though, in some cases, a windows may too difficult or too dangerous to get to depending on the layout of your house (I do adhere to health and safety practices), but if this is the case, I will let you know when I am giving you a quotation. There are only a small number of windows that I have to tell a customer that I cannot do, and in each case, the customer has totally understood. On the other hand, I also clean windows for customers that they never thought could be done by a window cleaner.


High Window Cleaning

I will use one of several methods to clean the non-ground floor windows. I can use traditional methods with ladders or extension poles. I may also use a “Pure Water” window cleaning system on an extension pole and pump de-ionised water to the cleaning head. One any one house, I could use any one of these methods, or even, two or three of them to reach the upper floor windows. Traditionally, window cleaners used ladders for all high windows, this is no longer the case as there were too many accidents. Health & Safety regulations will only allow me to use a ladder if another method is not possible. So, please don’t be concerned if you see me washing windows of your first floor bedroom whilst standing in your garden and holding a very long pole. As I said, I do carry ladders and use them, but only if one of my other methods won’t do the job. The majority of the time, my window cleaning ladders stay on the vehicle, and everything is cleaned from ground level.


Do You Need To Be At Home When I Clean You House Windows?

Normally, you do not have to be at home when I clean the outside of your house windows. If no-one is at home, I just leave a card saying the I have been, cleaned the windows of your house and a reminder of the price we agreed. On the back of the card is a number of different payment options including, post a cheque, pay online, pay by PayPal or even bank transfer (normally free and quick for any amount if you use online banking). Sometimes, home owners will agree a place that they will leave the money for me if they know I am due round e.g under a particular flowerpot, in a special place etc. If you want to do this, then tell me where the place will be, and give me your mobile number. I will then text you each time, the day before I am due to clean your windows, and you know I will be there the next day.


Conservatories, Bays, Leaded Windows & Georgian Windows etc

I can clean all of these types of windows as well as ‘normal’ house and shop windows. Obviously, some of these windows will take more time and work to clean that ‘normal’ household windows, but all these widows can be cleaned.

Have a look here to see some pictures of houses we clean.

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