Warrenpoint Window Cleaning are using the company – GoCardless, to process their customers Direct Debit payments. Paying by GoCardless Direct Debit, the easiest and most convenient way to pay your cleaning bill. It’s less work for you than any other method, and you still have all the protection of the Direct Debit guarantee scheme.

Unlike usual Direct Debits, you do not have a fixed payment date. Once signed up, the direct debit will not be requested until after cleaning is done. Then you will get notification of the debit coming out of your bank account 3 working days later.

We all know that Direct Debits make our busy life a bt simpler, as we don’t have to remember to pay the bill – it’s done automatically, with ease. We know how may people struggle trying to remember to pay on time – it’s just the busy lives we lead. So, take the strain of remembering to pay our bill by setting up payment by Direct Debit.

Some of GoCardless' customers

GoCardless is a major player in the financial world, processing over £1 billion per year.  When you click though to pay by direct debit, all your details are entered on their online military grade security, web site – so you know your money is safe and secure. GoCardless work with major UK companies, even providing white label Direct Debit services for a number of UK Banks and Building Societies.

GoCardless – About Us

Start Paying For Your Cleaning To Warrenpoint Window Cleaning with Direct Debit:
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Direct Debit Questions and Answers

Q:  Once I sign Up, do I have to keep going online to make a new payment each time?

A:  No, once you have signed up – a simple and quick process, you don’t have to do anything else. Each time your cleaning has been done, Warrenpoint Window Cleaning will instigate payment by direct debit. You will then receive notification that a direct debit to us will leave your account in 3 business days.


Q:  Can I choose what day of the month a direct debit will be taken?

A:  No, as a direct debit is processed after the cleaning has been done, and we cannot guarantee a particular day / date to clean the property. Since its outside work, the weather conditions do play a large part in how our schedule plays out. Also, our schedule is calculated in 8 weekly chunks, not per calendar month as Direct Debit fixed dates usually happen.



What Other questions do you have about this payment method? Let us know, we will answer them and if we think that others may want to as the same question, we will add it to this page – Thanks.


Click here to pay with Direct Debit

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