Sahara DesertThe Sahara Sand that blew in, has been leaving a film of grime on the windows of many of the houses and businesses I clean the windows for. Funny enough, in Warrenpoint, the properties nearest the sea appear to be the worst affected. It actually looks like the film of sea salt that can be seen on windows here when the storms blow up, so pale and fine is the sand deposited on the glass.

Thankfully, the purified water cleaning method that I use cleans this sand off beautifully, and does it without scratching the sand across the glass as other window cleaning techniques can. The cleaning method I use, lifts the sand off the glass with purified water, and the suspended sand is then agitated off the glass. Finally the glass is rinsed with more purified water before finishing.

The sand has blown in across the UK and Ireland, leaving it’s mark everywhere it has gone:



Though I have stated in another article on this site (Rain Water Is Excellent For Window Cleaning), that rain water is generally not dirty. That s not the case on this occasion. The sand is in suspension in the rain water and has dropped onto windows and everything else, carried in the rain that fell overnight in this part of the country.

I guess that I am going to be pretty busy cleaning sand off windows in the immediate future.

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