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Fascia Cleaning is actually, Fascia, Soffit, Barge Board, downpipes, soil vent pipes & External Gutter Cleaning.

Fascia Cleaning – Get the dirt, mould and other biofilm cleaned off your fascia etc. With our fascia cleaning service, all of these areas are cleaned, not just the fascia. And they are cleaned using a gentle cleaning method that doesn’t cause damage unlike some popular methods used today by other cleaning contractors.


PVC Cleaning Solution

Soffit,Gutter & Fascia Cleaning
I use a professional PVC cleaning solution you cannot buy in the shops, it’s a very effective cleaning product, specifically designed for removing dirt and grime from uPVC. Like the primary cleaning solutions I use for windows, the PVC cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so will do no harm to your garden or the environment as a whole. This is applied to the PVC and given time to break down the dirt build up. Then the area is cleaned with water and a specialised cleaning brush on a water fed pole. The solution I use also leaves a slight ‘sheen’ on your PVC after it has been cleaned. This looks nice, adds a level of protection to your PVC from the elements which helps to reduce the further build up of dirt.


Tick Biodegradable – So no harm to your garden plants and grass.
Tick No known adverse interactions with building materials
Tick Once dried or diluted with water, any overspill on the ground  it is safe for pets and children to walk / play on.
Tick Experience has shown it to be a very effective PVC cleaner, also work just as well on painted wood fascia.
Tick Leave a nice soft sheen, which also helps slow down re-growth of biofilm.



Black Mould being removed from fascia
Black Mould being removed



I Clean Fascia Boards etc with Low Pressure

I use a gentle, effective method of cleaning your fascia, soffit, barge board and gutters. It is a superior method for cleaning your uPVC Fascia & Soffit in my opinion. It does no harm to your PVC, is not destructive to the PVC or any other building materials like hypo and does not spray a lot of water into your roof space like pressure washing can.


Some Examples of Fascia Cleaning Already Done


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Why I Don’t Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Fascia

I don’t like to use a high pressure, power washer to clean fascia and soffit etc. for a number of reasons:


xred Power washers have a tendency to force water up in through the vents and into your roof space area. This is an unheated area, and because of this, mould could easily start growing in your roof space from the damp caused by a power washer.
xred Power washers can damage loose, old or ill-fitting PVC panels with their high pressure.
xred If a power washer goes onto your ‘painted’ house wall, it can flake off the paint with the water pressure. Most people who have used power washers themselves, will know this from experience.
xred Pressure washers spread dirt absolutely everywhere. If you have a pale coloured house wall, it can get pretty mucky from a power washer spraying all the dirt from the Fascia boards etc over your nice clean exterior wall.
xred If you do not use chemicals in conjunction with a pressure washer, it doesn’t do a very good job on PVC. If you do apply chemicals, then the spray (and over spray) goes over far more than just the PVC being cleaned. Depending on the chemical used, this is often NOT wanted at all.


[NOTE: I do often use a pressure washer on a low pressure setting to help rinse the ‘now cleaned’ fascia and soffit etc after it has been cleaned with PVC cleaning solution. This just aids rinsing, and doesn’t cause the problems that a high pressure clean does. The setting I use is generally lighter and less pressure than a garden hose, it’s simply a way of delivering the water effectively to rinse the fascia]


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How Often To Clean Fascia, Soffit & Gutters?

These areas only need cleaned every so often as a rule, though it depends on the area you live in, and the placement of the boards. Many people get them cleaned once a year, others get them cleaned less often – it just depends on your area.


What all gets Cleaned?

When ‘Fascia Cleaning’, what I actually mean is cleaning the Fascia, Soffit, Gutters (exterior), downpipes, soil vent pipes and bargeboard. All of these get cleaned in this ‘Fascia Cleaning’ service


Fascia, Soffit, Barge Board, Gutters & Downpipe Explination
Fascia, Soffit, Barge board, Gutters & Downpipes examples


Does It Leave Much Mess behind?

This is a question asked reasonably frequently by customers. People are concerned that if the fascia is dirty, that all that dirt will go down their house walls or lie on their path round the house afterwards. Well, this has never been a problem the way I clean and rinse. I clean all the solution with the dissolved dirt off the fascia and walls if any goes on them, and it all goes to the ground. The path, if anything, will be cleaner as the cleaning solution I use can make a difference to the cleanliness of it too. Though, this is generally only seen if the path was pretty dirty to start with. Clean paths, paving etc look the same before and after the cleaning is done. As already mentioned, the cleaning solution I use is bio degradable, so it doesn’t cause any problems to your garden either.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Fascia Boards etc

Prices are difficult to give online or even on the phone, I really need to be there as it depends on the size of your property and how much you need cleaned, what is access like to the areas that need cleaned etc. It’s impossible to give you a ‘ball park figure’ as the prices vary so much. There is no such thing as a ‘average house’ price for this – sorry. There isn’t really an average house size that we work on. Though, I can give you a free quote with no-obligation, and no hard sell. I do know that my prices are competitive. I see what others in this trade charge as I am active in communicating with others in the trade right across the UK and Ireland.

How does the fascia cleaning quote work?

Click the button below to request a fascia cleaning quote. It asks you for a few bits of information – not much just what I need to be able to give you a quotation. That information then goes to me via the website. I will get the details and then call round to your home during the working day as soon as possible after that. I need to have a look around the outside of your house at the fascia etc. So, if you want a quote, please ensure that I can get around the outside i.e. no locked gates. I will have a look at all the bits I need to and measure up. I can then work out a price for you, which I will write down and put it in your letter box along with some more information about the fascia cleaning process and what is done.

You can then read the details and make your own mind up. If you are happy with the quote, then contact me and we can work out a day to do the cleaning. If you are not happy with it – just ignore the quote, it’s that simple, there is no hard selling involved.

You don’t even have to be at home when I clean your Fascia etc. Payment can be made by any of these methods if no-one is there on the day of cleaning. Or is someone is there, then you can of course pay on the day after the work is done.


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Alternatively give me a call on my mobile: 07443 224 706, though texts are better as I will always get them even if I am out of range of mobile signal, and I won’t mess up your address.


Window Cleaning

Yes, of course I clean windows as well. In fact the quotation for fascia cleaning will also include window cleaning afterwards as they will need done after I clean your fascia and soffit. During the fascia cleaning process dirty water often drips down onto the windows. I don’t just rinse this off the windows with a garden hose as some others do – that it is not a ‘proper’ window clean as far as I am concerned.So, when we leave, not only will your fascia look clean, but your windows will as well. Creating a clean, cared for look to the outside of your home that you can be proud of.

You can see this page for my ‘complete window’ cleaning service. It’s a good overview of how I clean windows if you don’t already get your windows cleaned by me.



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