Spiders Web on Window FrameYes, you can tell the seasons on the year in this part of the country by what needs cleaned off window frames, sills and window surround. As I clean all this as well as the glass, I am always aware what the most prolific type of dirt / debris is at any point in the year as it changes season by season.

I clean my customers windows regularly, so the things that need cleaned off change as we go through the year. There is less and less mould and algae accumulating on the sills now, so less work with the scrubbing brush round the sills for me. But, the spiders webs are appearing more and more. The fine webs are no problem, but the blobs of web in the corners of the window surround and jammed between the top of the frame and the surround are starting to accumulate.


The spider’s web blobs occur for 2 main reasons:

  1. Primarily, because spiders feed on smaller insects that get trapped in their web. The spider then wraps up the insect in web in preparation, stores it close by and keeps it for consumption later.
  2. Spiders webs don’t really like water. They are fine with morning dew and light showers etc, but not good in bad weather. Rain and wind destroy the web, often resulting in a shapeless blob of destroyed web sticking to something near the site of the original web.


Getting the fine webs off (such as the spider’s web photo at the top of this page) is no problem, though the blobs do cause take a bit more work (see photos below). They are very sticky, and are usually well jammed into a corner. Since I clean these off all my customers windows, I have become rather practised at it, and have even designed my own tool for removing them safely and cleanly. I have had to do this as none of the usual window cleaners tools are really up to the job – we have a bigger spider blob issue in this part of the country than elsewhere it seems.

The only good thing for me is that spiders generally don’t go above the ground floor windows. Yes, you do get a few, but as a rule, I only have to remove the mess on the ground floor windows, though that mess does gets very bad as we get into better weather and the insect population increases.

Anyway, the spiders are back out of hibernation or wherever the go in the winter, and my spider’s web removal tools are out on nearly every job these days, and we are only just at the start of spring!

My customers can be assured that I take pride in my work, and my company tag line “The ‘Complete window’ cleaner” is not just some marketing label claim, but I do clean the complete window – spiders webs and all.


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Here is an example of spiders web I cleaned from a window the other day:

Spiders Web on Window Surround & Frames
Spiders Web Cleaned Off Window Surround & Frames


Spiders Webs Removed As Standard by Warrenpoint Window Cleaning


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