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Contract Window CleaningAre you looking for a commercial contract window cleaner? Do you have a window cleaning contract up for renewal? Let me know about it and I can supply a tender. Depending on the size of the contract, I can tender for any contract window cleaning  job anywhere in Northern Ireland and not too far over the border into the Republic of Ireland.

My normal working area is Newry Town, Warrenpoint, Rostrevor,  Burren and Mayobridge areas. I am happy to look at any work in this area – large or small. If you have a single building maybe a showroom, shop, shopping centre, office block, a factory etc. Then this is probably going to be in, or close to my normal working area. If you are not sure, just ask for a tender anyway. I will look at any work outside of this area, though still within Northern Ireland, or not far over the border into Ireland for larger jobs.

Larger jobs, certainly don’t need to be OJEU contracts. Anything that will take at least one full working day for one window cleaner is deemed as a ‘larger job’. Smaller jobs are anything less than that, even if it is just one small shop front.

I am happy to look at shops, warehouses, schools, hotels, care homes, offices – anything really that needs a contract window cleaner.

I am covered by £5 million of public liability insurance. I can provide risk assesments, method statements and Health and safety policies to any customers that require them.


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In Summary – Contract Window Cleaning Working Areas:

Small Jobs (less than a day’s work): Newry Town, Warrenpoint, Rostrevor,  Burren and Mayobridge areas

Larger Jobs (at least one day’s work for one person): Anywhere in Northern Ireland, and parts of the Republic of Ireland reasonably close to Newry.

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 About Asking For A Quote / Tender /  Contract Window Cleaning

If you already have a company providing glass / window cleaning services for you, then please let me know what improvements you would like on what they offer. I assume you want some improvements as you are looking at the possibilities of changing contractors. I can base my tender on what you want i.e. do you want a better quality clean, want more items cleaned, a more thorough clean? Maybe you want the items cleaned at different times e.g. out of normal business operating hours. Or do you just want a cheaper price? Remember the cheaper the price. Please remember when wanting the cheapest price, all window cleaners have expenses, and can only go so cheap. Generally speaking, the less time and cleaning products a cleaner can spend on the job, and the poorer quality it will be (probably). I have been asked to clean windows ‘after’ a contract window cleaner has ‘cleaned them’ as they were so quickly done, they didn’t get done right. Though, in some cases, I can give you a better price and better quality job as I do not have the major expenses of one of the big window cleaning companies. Let me know what you want, and what you are currently getting. The more information I have about what you are paying, and what is cleaned to what quality, the better I can personalise your quotation.

Here are just a few examples of some of the commercial window cleaning I have done – Commercial Window Cleaning Examples



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Tender & Contract Window Cleaning, Gutter Clearing, Signage Cleaning or Solar Panel Cleaning