Warrenpoint window cleaning is a ‘Complete Window’ cleaning service – that is, when I clean windows, I clean the complete window, not just the window glass. I clean the glass of course, but also the frame, and if applicable the sill and window surround. I do this every time that I clean the windows of your house or business. I clean all these the first time I clean your windows, and on every future visit.


Complete Window Cleaning At Arows


When you get your windows cleaned, why have the frames left dirty, when you can have the ‘complete Window’ cleaned instead? Clean glass doesn’t look that great when the frames are still dirty – after all, the frames are subjected to the same airborne dirt and rain as the glass. In fact, since there are more corners, groves, wind and water traps in the frames than on the smooth glass, the frames are usually even dirtier than the actual window glass.


Cleaning The Window Surround

Where accessible, the surround is given a clean too. For some people, this may appear to be a strange concept – I mean how many window cleaners clean the window surround? Well, a dirty surround, like a dirty frame makes the windows look bad, as the ‘Complete Window’ cleaner, I clean it all!

Cleaundning The Window Surro

The difference can really be seen when it comes into the spring and summer and the spiders come out. Then it really does make a difference if the surround is cleaned or not. Here is an example (photos below) of a window before and after cleaning. The mess is from spiders webs, they really can make a mess of windows and frames in this part of the country. There is more information on why these blobs of spiders web appear in this article I wrote at the start of spring 2014.

Spiders Web on Window Surround & Frames


Spiders Web Cleaned Off Window Surround & Frames

Window Sill Cleaned

The window sill picks up dirt and grime too, and in the winter can get mouldy as well. I scrub a lot of mouldy window sills in the winter months. Even if your sills don’t get mould growing in our damp weather, they still pick up dirt, just like the rest of your window. For instance black sills that have white stains from sea salt don’t look clean, neither do white sills that have marks from general road grime and dust. Your sills, where accessible, will be cleaned with purified water, and if needed will be scrubbed as well.



‘Complete Window’ Cleaner – Window Frame Cleaning

Here is a normal example of a window frame. This wasn’t anything special, just one that I had to take a couple of pictures of for the home owner. So, handy for adding to this page to show you the difference it makes cleaning the ‘Complete Window’ and not just the glass. I have cut the images down to just one part of the frame and glass to show you what I mean. It really makes the entire window look better – and cleaner when the window frame is cleaned along with the actual window glass.


Before Window Cleaning

After Window Cleaning


Yes, this is the same part of the same window!

You can clearly see the build up of dirt, spider’s web, and algae on the white uPVC frame, though you can hardly see the layer of dirt on the actual glass. Though this was an overcast day, look through the windows on a sunny day, and you can see why the home owner asked me to start cleaning the windows.

The frames came up lovely after a clean, and so did the window glass. It’s amazing the difference it makes when you clean the frames as well.

I clean the frames every time I clean the windows, so they will stay looking good as long as the windows are on my regular cleaning schedule. This is what it means by The ‘Complete Window’ Cleaner.


The ‘Complete Door’ Cleaner

When cleaning your windows, normally I need to clean the glass in your door(s) as well. Just as the ‘Complete Window’ gets cleaned, so does the ‘Complete Door’ too. The full door is cleaned with pure water to remove any dirt and general grime. Just imagine how this door looked before the entire thing was cleaned (I didn’t take a photo before I cleaned it, sorry). It had dirt and spiders webs all along the sides, and the bottom was very messy for general ‘splash back’ from rain off the ground and dirt bouncing back up all along the bottom of this nice white door. Have a look at your own doors front and back and see what I mean – they get dirty too you know! If I had only cleaned the glass as a ‘normal’ window cleaner does, the white doors would still be dirty, and take the look away from the nice clean glass.

This is true no matter if it is a French door, a uPVC door or even a wooden door. They all benefit from cleaning regularly. This is also a standard part of the service I offer, and why makes my ‘window cleaning’ service so different from the other ‘normal’ window cleaners.


Complete Door Cleaning


This Is My Normal Household Window Cleaning Service

There is no need to ask for this service specifically if I am cleaning your house windows, I clean complete windows and doors as standard. So, if you have me regularly clean your windows, then the complete frames will be cleaned. If your doors have glass in them, then I will clean the complete door as standard too. Why settle for a window ‘glass’ cleaner, when you can have a ‘Complete Window’ cleaner instead. Most window cleaners clean the glass. With Warrenpoint Window Cleaning, you get the glass, the frames, the surround and the sills cleaned! Not only does the glass look well, as you look out of your windows, but the windows themselves look good from the outside too. How many window cleaners offer this service as standard?

[Note: I clean the frames with the same cleaning products as I use on the glass, I do not use abrasives, or other cleaning products]

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