It is actually very difficult for me to give you accurate window cleaning prices online or over the phone as every house is different. If you do a search for window cleaning prices, you can see that some places do give online prices, but I have found that I can’t be fair to you, and give you a genuine price when I do that.


Calculate Window Cleaning PricesHow I Calculate Window Cleaning Prices

My window cleaning prices are calculated on:

  • How many windows
  • What type of windows they are (eg. Plain, leaded, Georgian, Tinted etc.)
  • Window size
  • Where they are in the house (e.g. which floor, and difficulty to reach etc.)

So for instance, a 3 bedroom bungalow that has plain glass windows with not too many panes. Will be cheaper than a 3 bedroom detached house with ornate windows and a couple of roof, Velux style windows. I have to calculate the time and difficulty of each house individually to give you a fair and honest price. There are also so many different styles of houses, layouts, individual house issues etc. in this part of the country, that I couldn’t possibly give you a price without coming round and having a look myself – sorry.

The good news is that I am happy to come round and give you a no obligation quotation. I can come round at a time that suits us both. Just contact me.


First Wash Is A Big Wash

Most of the time, I am coming to a house that hasn’t had the windows washed in a while, so have had time to build up some well worn in dirt and sea salt from the air, as well as cob webs, spiders, flies, bird dirt and various other substances.

To get the worst of all that off it really does take quite a bit of time and effort. So, the first wash takes me a lot longer than a regular wash. Normally 2-3 times as long as a normal, regular window clean.

Maybe the windows have been cleaned regularly, but by someone using a window cleaning spray that you buy in supermarkets. Some of those window cleaning sprays are fine, and some are a real problem as it can really take some time and a lot of scrubbing to clean off the layer of residual cleaning product that builds up with a number of these products. You don’t notice this residue when you are using these products, but it becomes an issue when a professional window cleaner comes along and uses water based, window cleaning solutions. The residue can show up like water on wax in some cases. All the cleaning product residue must be removed before the windows can be truly clean.

So, the first wash is usually more expensive – generally 50% more than a normal regular wash price. I only ask for 50% more, even though I will be spending 2-3 times longer cleaning it than a standard regular clean. I am willing to spend that extra time and effort cleaning your windows well on that first wash, since you are agreeing to have me come back and wash your windows on a regular basis. If this was a ‘one off’ clean, then I would be charging a higher price to more accurately represent the work that needs to go into this ‘big clean’.


Inside Window Pricing

I can give you a price for washing the inside of your windows as well. Assuming your inside windows are eay to get to, and you have cleared away the ornaments, obstructions etc. they may well be cheaper than the outside window cleaning price for my regular customers.
Contact me to get a quotation for cleaning the windows of your house


Price Reviews

I will review the price each year. This does not mean that it will go up each year, it only means that I will look at it each year and check that it is still a fair price for the work I am doing for you.

Sometime I will price a job and find that there is actually more work involved that I had thought it was. In this case, I would be looking to increase the price in the annual review. If I have really priced it wrong, or something changes, than I may look at a new price sooner than that, but these circumstances are not the norm, the annual review is my normal method of price reviewing.

Also as you are aware, there are a variety of other things that can affect the price. These include the cost of goods, fuel, insurance, health and safety compliance and equipment, consumables and the cost of living can all rise. In which case, I would consider these factors in my price review as well. Again, I may not change anything! I am only going to take them into consideration when I review the price we agreed.

Of course, I will inform you or any changes before I charge them, as these have to be agreeable to you as well. I will be fair to both you and me when pricing a window cleaning job.


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